Building capacity of civil society organizations: India

Jal Jan Jodo campaign was launched in 2013 by experts and activists working on water issues from eleven states under the leadership of conservationist and Stockholm Water Prize winner popularly known as `Waterman’ Rajendra Singh. The main objective of the campaign was to connect people with water conservation issues. The campaign leaders believe that government schemes alone will not be able to end the water crisis in the country and to make them effective people’s participation and ownership is necessary.

The campaign has a three tier management structure operating at national, state and district level. It has a clear stage wise strategy to achieve its objective. While the first stage is about awareness building, the second stage includes creating inspirational models for water conservation and efficient water use. The third stage creates a legal and policy framework for rights and responsibilities. The fourth stage will be enforcement of policy and rules through Satyagraha– peaceful nonviolent protest. The fifth stage aims at providing stability and sustainability to institutions based on values of equality.