the protection of the Mandakini river was organized for the conservation and relation of Mandakini river, in which the people of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh participated in Vizhpur Karnataka, the Parliament was administered by Shri Abhimanyu Brother did

Geographical, cultural, mythological, economic importance of the Mandakini river was discussed along with the importance of scientific significance, discussions with the local administration along with the local society for the maintenance and maintenance of the Mandakini river, voluntary organizations, social volunteers. It was decided to discuss the necessary tasks and issues of the meeting and prepare the upcoming vision of the campaign

The workshop of the Mandakini river rejuvenation campaign should be kept in it, in which the life of the river can be reconstructed, in which its spiritual and mythological importance and the relieving of the local population also remain.

 Important Issues

  • Identification of the Water Eclipse Area
  • Water conservation and reconstruction work in water intake area Resurrection of natural water sources
  • Unprotecting and encroachment of violation on river
  • Plantation and protection on the water-borne area, not the water, the future of the flow and its prevention plan
  • Ensuring participation of saints, society, and government in the entire campaign
  • Demarcation / Identification of Mandakini River
  • Protection of the organism (Biodiversity) of the Mandakini river
  • Start the works of water awareness for the work of community-based protection and motivates the people of river banks for river rejuvenation work.
  • Action plan with time line
  • Marking up to the confluence of the river Mandakini from the ascendant
  • Area of water intake area and work on water conservation and relation
  • Treatment of sewage treatment and treatment of treated water in agricultural work
  • Planting on the banks of the river
  • Ensuring participation of saints, society, government in the work plan
  • Start of work by creating a time table
  • To mobilize the community for the cleanliness of Mandakini

 Upcoming meeting

  • Identification – October, Navabhar, Dec.
  • Awareness meeting – January to March 2018
  • Upcoming Events – April 2018
  • Program – May to December 2019