Aviral Ganga Jal Saksharta Yatra

The continuous flowing Ganga walk started from Tarun Ashram, Bhikampura, Rajasthan. The motive of this walk is to eliminate any possibility of third world war which might take place because of scarcity of water and and to encourage water conservation through water lteracy. This will create peace in the country and connect masses with water. The Ganga water has the best quality parameters among all the types of drinking water. It contains the magicalproperty of killing all the microbes. No other river around the world has this property to this extent as compared to Ganga water. So we have decided to share the knowledge about various dimensions of Ganga water to all the parts of country and to create awareness about water literacy in the country starting from Deepawali 2019 in the form of continuous flowing Ganga walk.
This walk will comprise of the community of people who are involved in water conservation and recharge work through conservation of Wells, stepwells, ponds. earthern bunda and lakes. It willcomprise of of water literacy for understanding, management of water resources. This walk will continue for full year till the coming 2020 (dev uthani ekadashi,sanvat 2077) at Tarun ashraminGanga sammelan.The further strategy willbedecided there at TBS.The inspirat onof this walk is to connect the society,saints and the goverment. The walk will connect the Masses with river conserving the integrity and soveriegnity.