Social mobilization

Jal Jan Jodo campaign has been actively carrying out Nadi Yatras (foot marches along the rivers) joined by thousands of activists. These river walks have been very successful in connecting with people and in reviving several rivers like Hindon in Uttar Pradesh and Falgu river in Bihar where more than 3,000 people gathered along the river beds, demanding Government action for rejuvenation of the rivers.

A signature campaign to reach out to prospective village governance bodies- Panchayats– was started in Bihar where 300,000 electoral candidates took oath to revive traditional water bodies –Ahar Pynes. As a result of the campaign the state government assured action for reviving these water bodies.

During the drought in the summer of 2016, a peaceful demonstration in New Delhi called Jal Satyagrahabrought together more than 5,000 people from different states to pressurize the central government to immediately take up water conservation and drought mitigation efforts.