Support Swami Sananda on “Save Ganga” Campaign

Dear fellow Indians,

We are on a brink of time where development can cause us more harm than advantage. One of the most important issue is the development which is based on altering the natural flow of the Ganga river. There are 2 tributeries of River Ganga, river Alaknanda and river Mandakini, there is planning to put 2 projects under the names of

  1. VishnuGad-Peepalkoti , Hydro power plant
  2. Sigoli-Bhatvari, Hydro power plant
  3. Lohari Nagpala, hydro power plant
  4. Pala Maneri, Hydro project
  5. Bhairon Ghati, hydro project

Apart from these there are hydro power projects being made on Nandakini, Dhauli Ganga and Pinder.

The reason- Uttarakhand has hydroelectric power potential of 20236 MW against which 1851 MW has already been harnessed by power projects like Tehri Dam.

According to a world bank report the hydro power plants are a major  asset to a country or state as an indication of growing economy. This has led to a rush in building hydro power plants by the state government, central government and private entities. Uttarakhand being the source of 3 major rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Kosi, becoming an Ideal source for power projects.

Projects have been proposed In HP and on the western ghats. Places in HP which have been declared as eco-sensitive zones.

The stretch from Gomukh to Uttarkashi along the Bhagirathi river has been declared as an eco-sensitive zone. Still the permission for 10 hydro power plants has been given.

Swami Sananda, Proffesor G. D. Agarwal has been trying to protest against these power plants from a long time. A brief story of from Proffesor G.D Agarwal to Swami Sananda in his own words.

These plants will effect the original flow the Ganga river and its tributaries which can put havoc in both flood and drought in the upcoming years. Ganga is one such river which rejuvenates the ground water and helps in balancing the ecosystem of the plains from West Bengal to Uttar Pradesh. There is similar cases with the Yamuna and Kosi rivers and presently 33 plants have been proposed.

This will create an environment havoc because of obstruction of natural flow of river. The 2013 flash flood in Kedarnath valley and while the problem of drought and quality comes on plain area.

Given below are the letters of conversation between Swami Sananda and the government.


In the end an appeal from the WaterMan of India Shree Rajendra Singhji.

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